Empowered Digital Use Policy

Please review the Empowered Digital Use Policy and Access to Digital Resources Policy Acknowledgement, here.

The School Committee recognizes the need for students to be prepared to contribute to and excel in a connected, global community. To that end, the district provides ongoing student instruction that develops digital citizenship skillsets for using technology as a tool. Information and communication technology are an integrated part of our curriculum across subjects and grades in developmentally appropriate ways and are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and standards, including seeking knowledge and understanding; thinking critically and solving problems; listening, communicating, and interacting effectively; and engaging and competing in a global environment.

The Superintendent or designee shall implement, monitor, and evaluate the district’s system/network for instructional and administrative purposes.

All users shall acknowledge that they understand that using digital devices, whether personal or school-owned, and the school district network is a privilege and when using them in accordance with School District guidelines they will retain that privilege.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop and implement administrative guidelines, regulations, procedures, and user agreements, consistent with law and policy, which shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • Digital devices, software, and networks shall be used in school for educational purposes and activities.
  • An individual’s personal information (including home/mobile phone numbers, mailing addresses, and passwords) and that of others shall be kept private.
  • Individuals will show respect for themselves and others when using technology, including social media.
  • Users shall give acknowledgment to others for their ideas and work.
  • Users shall report inappropriate use of technology immediately.

These procedures shall be reviewed annually by district administration together with students and teachers and shall provide a springboard for teaching and learning around topics such as internet safety, digital citizenship, and ethical use of technology.

Adopted on February 28, 2017

School Committee Policy – (Policy IJNDB)