Pupil Personnel Services Department

Contact Pupil Personnel Services Department

Jill Greene
Director of Pupil Personnel Services (PPS)
Phone: (978) 448-5505
Email: jgreene@oldsite.oldsite.oldsite.gdrsd.org
Eileen Beaton
Administrative Assistant
to the Pupil Services Director
Phone: (978) 448-5505 ext.3820
Email: ebeaton@oldsite.oldsite.oldsite.gdrsd.org
Amy Carta
Pupil Personnel Services Liaison
Phone: (978) 448-5505 ext. 3819
Email: acarta@oldsite.oldsite.oldsite.gdrsd.org
Marla De La Cruz
Clinical and Related Services Coordinator/ Out of District Liaison
Phone: (978) 448-5505
Email: mdelacruz@oldsite.oldsite.oldsite.gdrsd.org